Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For the Love of Lovenox

The loss of our sweet baby in February of 2011 still brings tears to my eyes. It has proven to be the most difficult event my family has ever had to overcome. However, here I sit, more than two years afterward, smiling at my strong 15 month old. He is proof there is a rainbow after the storm.

Unfortunately, having a healthy baby after discovering my blood disorder isn't as easy as it was before. I have to take medication daily to ensure my blood stays fluid and nothing inhibits blood, in turn oxygen and nutrients, from getting to the baby. So I take a daily blood thinner injection in my belly every morning. Yes, every... single... morning.

And yes, it is as terrible as it sounds.

 The prescription comes in 10 individually wrapped shots, which is very convenient. I don't have to do any measuring at all. I get the generic version of Lovenox, of course. This medication lasts for 24 hours, which allows me to only need one shot per day.

 The shot is pretty small and flimsy, if you ask me. It comes in a plastic applicator and I suppose it serves it's purpose.

The needle is the worst part. When I pull of the grey cap, a little bit of the medicine seeps out. Unfortunately, no matter how much I wipe it off, that little bit of medication makes it burn so badly when I put the needle in my skin.

 To prep for the shot, I use an ice pack from the freezer to numb the skin. Today, I used my son's Cars lunchbox ice. I simply just hold it to my skin for about a minute before the shot, and it typically numbs the skin enough so I don't feel the shot go in. Then the key is slow and steady as I press the medicine in. VERY SLOWLY. I am so psycho about this part that I put the dogs outside and sit away from the kids so I can guarantee the medication goes slow, preventing it from burning too badly. It still does.

When everything is said and done, the needle is pulled back into the shot for safety and I discard of it. Usually afterward, I ice some more and rub the medicine in to limit the amount of bruising. Unfortunately this time around, the medicine has been leaving a lot of bruising. Not so cute.

Although this isn't what I envisioned for pregnancy for myself, it is necessary to ensure baby is healthy. Even though I used these shots my entire pregnancy with Ronan, just a few short days of no shots at the end of the pregnancy left a blood clot the size of my fist in his placenta. That alone was proof that no matter who disagreed with the use of daily blood thinners, it was necessary. His goofy smile is enough to keep my going in the morning even when the mere thought of another shot brings tears to my eyes. 

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